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The SUWAK Consortium's mission is to promote the idea of an employee-centered and growth mindset organizational culture.

We support professionally both people and organizations in the crisis situations helping them in coming to regular functioning.


We connect our knowledge in the topic of crisis intervention together with developmental value of coaching. We also provide essential solutions to the problems and answer for various needs of our clients. Our workshops are enriched by the elements of psychology, psychoeducation and constitute the unique offer on the market supporting modern organizations in building the culture of person centred business.


Thanks to cooperation with us; our company will be the leader in taking care of wellbeing of your workers; strengthens your position on the market and will build the brand of the company with the human face which leads the business responsible socially.

Workshops and consulting will be running in various languages: Polish, Russian and English.


We aim to strengthen the business results by building a  sustainable work environment conducive to employee development.



Psychoeducation of the clients about crisis


Individual support for clients in overcoming the crisis through consultations, Crisis Coaching and Mentoring


Development of the competences of clients who want to support OTHERS through Psychological First Aid training 


Learning and assistance in caring for the personal resources and mental energy of clients

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