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We help and support Leaders in crisis to bring back the mental balance and efficiency of the working team.

There is a number of reasons. SUWAK in Polish has a lot of meanings. At first, it can be a metaphor of life in which all the elements connect with each other, clip together and provide safety. In crisis, however, all those functions do not perform well or are out of order. In result, our life balance is in a state of chaos, stops working and we have the feeling that all the thingsA are out of our control.

On the other hand, SUWAK means also driving in a zipper merge way. Such driving requires a lot of skills from the driver such as order, carefulness and smooth ride. Let's not forget that in a real life we are the drivers of our lives, we take control over it and decide what to do with it.

Finally, SUWAK means a sliding rule that lets us take measures precisely and go in the right direction. Like in life we have to watch every step we take and every decision we make.



Crisis Support Line




HelpLine is at 506 900 900*


Business package is available on request.


​Crisis support e-mail:


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*The cost of the connection at standard operator rates.


Crisis Coaching

and Mentoring


Individual crisis coaching and mentoring for those managing companies, departments and teams. We work  according to proprietary Suwak Method.

​Individual sessions and counselling for employees in crisis situations eg. lack of true work life balance, work burn out, restructuring processes.

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Schemes and workshops for the organization


Develop with us the competence of the  XXI Century Leader

We answer for the needs of the companies and organizations that are coping with the biggest crisis ever. It is extremely difficult to steer the “ ship” on the rough sea of chaos and unpredictability. The leaders of the organizations not only have to take care of financial flow, orders, products sales, profitability but also “manage” the amount of employees’ emotions.

The fear of health of your near and dear ones, insecurity about the future, work or fear of the future is a huge challenge for the ones who manage nowadays. Such an extreme situation requires extreme activities to keep the continuity and a good condition of the business in the future. The crisis undeniably changes the face of the company and the leaders are the ones who have to lead their organizations and the teams.

Crisis is not the time for retention but development!

Tomorrow of your company starts today!

How to develop Leader’s Crisis Intelligence™? There are four main competences that play a crucial role here…..

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On-line study for employees

Psycho-physical conditions of  employees decreased significantly. The crisis started by the arrival of Covid-19 causes changes that affect the effectiveness of the organization. We are helping to prepare and answer for the challenges  in a new reality. On- line study prepared by the panel of psychologists helps Leaders in an effective management and team support. How to take part in a Polish nationwide survey and get the recommendation for your company?

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Desert Road

Consortium SUWAK helps people and organizations to go through difficult and bumpy crisis road to make your employees stronger by this experience and to make them use to live life to the full.

Consortium SUWAK - Crisis Coaching and Mentoring consists of highly qualified specialists dealing with professional support for both people and organizations in dealing with crisis and in finding the way to come back to regular functioning.