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Ludzie Walking

We help and support Leaders in crisis to bring back the mental balance and efficiency of the working team.

There is a number of reasons. SUWAK in Polish has a lot of meanings. At first, it can be a metaphor of life in which all the elements connect with each other, clip together and provide safety. In crisis, however, all those functions do not perform well or are out of order. In result, our life balance is in a state of chaos, stops working and we have the feeling that all the thingsA are out of our control.

On the other hand, SUWAK means also driving in a zipper merge way. Such driving requires a lot of skills from the driver such as order, carefulness and smooth ride. Let's not forget that in a real life we are the drivers of our lives, we take control over it and decide what to do with it.

Finally, SUWAK means a sliding rule that lets us take measures precisely and go in the right direction. Like in life we have to watch every step we take and every decision we make.

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